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ok, i've been living here for over three weeks now, and i have not got anything done. my sofa is a mess, and my clothes are just everywhere. usually, i'm very good at keeping organized, but with tryinig to find a finer job, and also going to classes three days a week, i truly can't find the energy to come home and begin moving things. i also need to do some major shopping. not for clothes or anything, (although i did get some killer boots a few days ago). tomorrow, we are going to go look for some paints because i can't wait to paint my room a nifty sky blue color. for those of you that don't know, i'm giant on arts and crafts. that's most likely why you ass-holes out there don't like my tatoos. j/k, but you people just have no taste. whatever, i don't truly care. you don't have to see em everyday or anything.

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Junqueapril My friend BikerBrett told me he knew of this very industrial site where we could take some creative industrial yard photos. He said I'd have to get dirty for the shots to work with the theme. And dirty I got. I didn't kow just what I was getting into...ther was mud, gease and rust everywhere. Some of the surfaces were a little rough on my more sensitve areas. But We had a good time none the less...and as he promised me, he wash my bod with a soft cloth, a rock-hard bathroom massager and his palms. I had never seen his bathroom before. The thing is huge...I asked If we do take pictures there sometime shortly. He just smiled and said he'd think about. SO far now love this very very first serires of mine. Since it is my very first, Please y'all, be gentle.

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