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Cat and Molly had the pleasure of spending an evening out on the town. With spouses in tow they met up in a crowded downtown Blues bar. They instantaneously hit it off and in no time at all the clothes were coming off to the delight of the many patrons. The music got a little too noisy so we determined to head to another bar. There's no need t! o walk when a flash will get you a rail. The guys got in one pedicab and the gals in another and we were off. It was like the 'Pied Piper' - cars and pedicabs were following these two sweeties all the way to our next stop. I think people must have been calling each other on cell phones because every time we went around a corner there was a crowd honking their horns and yelling. They got pleanty of attention including some bicycle cops, but Cat skillfully wooed them it was all just guiltless joy.

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