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Well it's been about a month and a half since our very first contri. Since then I've accomplished two things. 1) Lots of people were making complaints about the low quality of the pics, so I've bought a fresh camera. Hopefully you all will love the nicer quality pics. 2) I've fulfilled one of Sierra's fantasies. I bought her a dance pole and set it up in our living room (we'll have to find a more permanent place to keep it, but this will do for now). Here are some pics of her attempting on a fresh apparel she bought and playing on her pole. Hope you and love them. P.S. Please no bad comments on the size of her breast. She is badly aware of how petite they are and is even more self aware of it when she see pictures of herself, but she will never get implants and I don't want her to. I love her breast just the way they are. -Svenkin

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As promised, here are some more shots we took in the park. I couldn't fight back displaying off my voy-zone shirt! :D Thank you to all of you who are leaving comments on my other contri. I am in the process of reading them. You know, I just want to say a few things after reading some of the comments so far. It has certainly been reinforced to me since posting on naturist that we truly can't please everyone. It cracks me up how many of you indeed love women with more pubic hair and how others choose it hairless downright. I get bored lightly so sometimes I let it grow, sometimes I trim and other times I keep a little unwrap. LOL If you see me a different way than you choose, chill out and unwind b/c the next month may be the way you like it. Another thing I truly need to point out is that on April Fool's Day, the naturist staff posted on the main page that I was knocked up. I was shocked at very first and then couldn't stop sniggering at the joke. Personally, I LOVE April Fool's jokes and always have joy that day. MANY of you have emailed me asking me if it was truly true that I am preggie and requesting pics. For the record, I am NOT prego - it was a naturist joke - and a hilarious one at that. Thanks again to all of you who leave the nice comments! It means a lot to those of us who contribute and love reading them. Smooches, Michele

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