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Hey guys!! After posting pics on the BB area, Everyone seems to love the Bj and Facial cumshot pics the best. So I determined to share with you guys movie clips from a Bangblow I did or mass ejaculation as some call it.. My boy found me Four other guys to play with.We had a blast :).. I recommend every women should attempt this at least once if they like to give head and be the center of attention!! I loved knowing they were all there for me, and I got to suck all the guys!Found some nice playmates. Notice the one indeed big guy! wow I couldnt keep him out of my mouth :O He was the thickest I have ever had.. I am kinda fresh to even providing head and never had a facial cumshot till the last duo years when I got introuduced to them, now i am hooked!! . But this nite I had Four guys jizz all over my face.. I was soo hot!! I sucked each stud , we toyed for about a hour then I got my treat ;). I hope you guys like! This is only part I, If I get good responses I will keep posting more of them until the end. DONT Leave behind TO VOTE!! If I win some $ ill be some fresh underwear to model in for you .It has been a rough rd the last 8 months for us but will be around a lil more often, I hope you love the vid clip and the nicer the comments the more I will post!!

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All I can say is, "Wow". For all of the irresistable compliments that you guys have been providing me and the women. We truly appreciate it. This set of photos was taken of my very close friend Kat in a motel on our way to Palm Springs, California. The bathtub was pretty big (big enough for Three actually), and I think that Kat was hinting to something when she hopped in. But instead of hopping in instantaneously I determined to grab my camera, and take a few hot pics. Just like me to always be thinking of a photo op. Dont't worry tho, I did get in, and had a chance to clean my dirty little kitty Kat. LOL. Hugs and Smooches,

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