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After uncountable time of checking out the *free* side of Voyeur.Com... and in the process delivered a lot of milk trajectory (cumm), then commenced checking out the voy-zone..... I eventually determined to contribute my share to this Fine M**th... well you get the point. I have always asked for Chunk/Fat/Plump/Rump and so on but did not find many, but I do know that there are few like me that like plump/fat ladies to show/fuck/and massaged etc.... wellllllllllllll here they are FRESH from my vidcam via capture and on to y'all mitts and so many out there just like ME! who are waiting for the right time to send in theirs. Mine is now so here they are....

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Howdy to all! Even those negative people who thought I was leaving! NEVER!!! If you read my last Trucker Flashing Contri Story, It says this is all the Trucker Flashing pictures "for awhile!" Also, it says that if we get enough requests, we would do more! I have made too many friends at naturist to stop! So, negative people, your wasting your time! If naturist doesn't delete your comments, we do!!! Now to the significant part of this Contri! I have been promising you piss pics and have taunted you lengthy enough. Here are my very very first attempt! I know I can improve on them and will! We took more afterward on the tour and you will see them afterward. Also, we took some more recently and along with my surprise from my August vacation, you will see them! Also, I've been asked to smile more. Those that have been with me from the beginning, know I don't smile a lot! It's not that I'm not blessed. It's just me!!! I have also been asked by fairly a few people wanting to know what I am doing with my mitt during the Trucker Flashing pictures. No need to reaction, as you know! I will send in the voy-zone pictures demonstrating you, very shortly. Just observe for "Misti" in the title. Nicer go for now as I am taking up a lot os space. Thank you to all my friends who view my pictures. It is our PLEASURE! And lastly, Yes Asher, you are a Gent. But, you know when to get rough!!! Smooches

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