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Took some shots of my neighbor Beth in various places in her building before a bathroom and after. She has lived in the building behind me for about Trio months.I've talked to her a few times and she seems like a nice lady. Her hubby Tom does'nt talk much. While I was out on my patio one night I notices some movement in her window. I never payed any attention before that night. I walked over and was I suprised. She was sitting in what looks like her office stripped to the waist. I ran home , grabbed my crappy camera and took what pictures I could thru the blinds. She went from the office to her bathroom, I think she took a bathroom and then came out, put on her undies and returned to her office. My heart was pounding, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I have not seen much activity there lately. I will keep begging.

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Hi once again to all the wonderful supporters or my former threads... I have managed to finish emailing about 70% of those who demonstrated their graciousness by posting a kind comment and promise to finish the remaining 30% by early next week... I am very grateful to have such hot, sexy and kind comments from my last several postings in the Private Shots section and I do look forward to more of those sugary comments if you think this thread is worthy of such comments. Once again, for anyone who chooses to post a negative comment please be aware that this is an indication you need to grow up!... I will always reply back with an email to those who display kindness!!!

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