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So to proceed my palace hunting escapade story with my bf, for some reason we couldnt upload all the photos we dreamed to but theres more :) We ultimately picked the lot number 22 to commence building our palace on so with all the excitement we continued with my pics that way we could have have them for our pleasure. Got more joy and playful and took some nudes by our lot sign. Of course these pics lead to many other joy titillating things in the forest with my bf but I hope you love these that we took :) Were going to embark building our mansion briefly and it is going to be an awesome house!! We even are building a room just for our pleasure with a fat satin sofa, the corset that drapes from the ceiling, a stripper pole for my own joy ;) Lots of shelves for the pornography collection and deep-throat up my pictures and suspend them on the walls. Im so excited to get insatiable in my own lovemaking room in my fresh mansion :)

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Hey Kate, Group & Webbers alike... Last year my wife& some of her friends began a little club called The Flirting Wives Club. Most of the time they go out to the local watering crevasses in the Minneapolis/St Paul area on weekends& soiree like there's no tomorrow. But, these pics were taken a few months ago when one of her hot little friends (Ginger) came over for a few beers. Well, one thing led to another and before you knew it they made their way to the bedroom... theybegan smooching and touching...touching and smooching. I'm still not sure if Ginger's bf believes her about what all happened that night. All that I'll say is that is was a joy night........ If the comments are good I cansend more... I have a lotof pics from that evening... Enjoy! ... My wifey is looking for other Minnesota girls/couples to "play" with. Anybody out there?

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