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We had some indeed nice weather right before Christmas and went out to get some pics with Christmas lights in the background. We spotted this fellow at the car wash and pulled in for some shots. I directed Monique out into utter view. He attempted not to notice, but I told her to go over to his stall and asked if we couold get some shots with him. Monique said his arms were shivering as she grabbed them and placed them on her tits (I guess mine were too, as I screwed up some of the pics). We were on a engaged road and very conspicuous, so we didn't stay there lengthy. Hopefully we run into him again. He didn't get a chance to take his own pics, so his friends most likely don't believe his story!

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Hey all. This is my best friend Grace in her see-through black teddy. You may reminisce the pictures my hubby took of us together in the chain mail. My hubby took the very first Four of these but I took the last Four myself. I think they came out pretty good if I say so myself. Grace was staying with us at the time we took these pictures, but she has since moved back to Canada. Since she is so close she still visits us often. These were also taken this summer before it got so darn cold. We know that we have a bunch more of us in the pool but we can't find them. We'll keep attempting, because those were pretty good too.

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