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This year's St. Patrick's Day didn't go fairly as well as last year's did. Last year was my very first time fully celebrating it. Even tho' I am officially a quarter Irish, celebrating it at my parents palace just meant we had corn beef for dinner two times that week. I drank far less green lager this year than last, which was fairly wise of me. I did manage to still not embarass myself by keeping my internal dork under wraps, tho' one boy who talked to me seemed revved off at my fascination with the coloring process of the beer (it was a slightly buzzed thing to ponder LOL). I wore green but still got pinched by one overly-friendly boy, but all in all it was a mellow night out before I came home to turn in by 11pm for my class the next monring. My luck may be with me however, because I have weekend plans with that boy from last summer (the one in the anal lovemaking movie on my site). There will be other people going with us, but we shall see if I can get him alone for a bit!

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