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Dear Kate & Company, Pandora planned a surprise for my bday this year. She knows what a turn on it is for me to see two women making love, so as part of her plans for the evening she had made arrangements with another NJ duo that we met last year thru naturist to meet us at a motel suite for drinks.....and some girl/girl activity with a picture taking session! Private Shots contris were submitted (NJ Redheads-Perfect Together Pts 1 & 2), along with Two nudistpostings. Unluckily a few awesome shots we had taken did not come out clear or light enough, and could not adjust adequately to post. Too bad, a few were of me getting a dual BJ...oh well, guess that means we will have to do them over...what a shame...hehe! Please let us know if you think these two should make more pix together for future contributions....seems redheads are a rarity, and two are a real find! Don't leave behind to vote too!

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Very first I like to thank all the naturist friends out there that like this kind of stuff and encourage with positive feedback. I have to say that this was nerve wracking movie to shoot. I was jumpy for so many reasons. One is the lady caught taking a bathroom was truly hot and I had gotten a duo of shots of her on the strand so naturally when she got up and left with her man toward the bathroom I kept my frigs crossed that she would be taking off her sun sundress and getting into the bathroom so when they got near it and dropped their bags on the benches I hopped up, grabbed my stuff and headed over to "take a shower" too.

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