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I was at Shephard's which is a Sand Bar on Clearwater Strand, FL. I witnessed this woman dancing on the dance floor and asked her if she wished to come out onto my boat and dance! I took her out there along with her hubby (and he was all about this) and coaxed her outta her bathing suit. These pics are the result (you see her hubby in a duo of the pics with her)! I think she was just visiting from outta town. I'm always at this Sand Bar every Sunday and have not seen her there since. I don't know what her name was.. and to be fair, indeed don't care. I did wind up pulling down my camera in the water after this shoot... which the camera was ruined, but by sheer luck the photocard was not! Oh well.. it was time to get a fresh one anyway! The last pic is of me, with my afro periwig and some women that came to my last island soiree and eventually got downright naked!!

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I just luuuv my undergarments. Of course I have to share some of the joy. It seems as tho' some people go out of their way to leave negative comments. Please understand that I luv this site, and I notably luv the way guys and women share everything, even to those who have different taste. Entitled to your opinion, yet I still post, because I love the eroticism, and the unknown. If you want more, drop a line. I appreciate the positive comments, and particularly love the loyal vewiers who appreciate what I share. Cheers to Kate and crew!!! May your Thanksgiving be joyous with loved ones. To the voyeurs, love naturist, and love the different shapes and figures, particularly mine! I don't post to be in the top 100, I post to have fun!!! :))

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