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My hubby has been visiting your site for years. These are a few picts of him wearing his "wedding ring". He purchased it two years ago on his own. At very first it was an occasional romp kink. But then I realized the potential and the power I had when I held the key to his little plaything. I find that after several days of chastity he is an entirely different spouse. He is much more attentive to me and my needs. A much larger helper around the building. He goes after me like a puppy thru the shopping mall and hops at any chore I line up for him at home. Following recommendations of other women on the net I added training and discipline to our marriage as well. I give him spankings as needed to enforce "rules". I have also introduced him to cross dressing to explore his feminine side. Note the bathing suit sunburn. We didn't have the digital camera earlier in the summer when he also had a suntan line from the bathing suits top. When he is wearing his "ring" he will do anything to please me. And getting him in it is as effortless as getting him horney. Don't publish his email address. I am glad to discuss with any deserving women the "possibilities".

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HI Kate, Asher, sailor, and naturist group. We took more pics today and couldn't wait to send them to you. The more fine comments I get the more daring I seem to get. This is my very first time out in public and boy did I get hot! Even however it was fairly cold. Several have asked to see my little titties so here they are. Hope they like them. Still wanting to do some GG pics and also looking for a biz in the Central Texas area that would like to "assist" with some NIP shots. Hope to hear from some. Again, please blur my face. Sorry it has to be this way. PS..My hubby likes taking the pics.:)

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