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WOW!!! Thanks voy-zonebers for all the wonderful comments from our former contribution. JBunny loved reading each and every one of your thoughtful comments. Due to your breathtaking response, here, as promised, are JBunny's Elevator Lobby pictures. We took about 40 pictures in about 15 minutes and sadly, during the entire time no one approached or exited the elevator. Too bad because JBunny was in a playful mood and we might have been able to ultimately make a few pictures suitable for voy-zone. Oh well, maybe next time. A number of you requested to see JBunny's face and as much as I would love to flash you her beautiful face, I can't as JBunny greatly values her anonymity. So, either I blur her face or not post any pictures at all. We hope most of you understand. Thanks again for all your comments ... till next time ... Enjoy!!!

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Wow! Ask a question on the naturist and you sure get answers. Very first, let me apologize if I insulted anyone with my statement about big tits and why studs seem to like them. I truly did not mean to put anyone down, it was merely a thought that crossed my mind. To everyone that took the time to explain adorably to me on the BB, thanks. To everyone that was an asshole about it...no.. I've learned my lesson. No more criticism. I'm just going to keep getting off sending in pics. As it was explained very adorably to me, where else can so many different people love themselves doing so many different things. So Everyone just enjoy! And for everyone that was tired of the crimson garb. Here ya go. See ya,

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