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Hey y'all! I'm Sara and I thought I would drop by, introduce myself and share some of my pics with you. I absolutely love *playing* around in front of the camera naked! =) Of course, getting naked isn't the ONLY thing I like to do in front of the camera.... if you know what I mean! I took these pics one fall day before it had gotten too cold out. There is just something about being naked outside that truly turns me on. Add water on top of that (which is an aphrodisiac for me) and I get VERY horny! These pics are just a preliminary of pics that I have taken. Let me know if you like them and I'll see what I can do about posting some more pics here. And I promise you, they do get *naughtier* than these pics!!! =) Also, if you liked these pics, you can check out all my other pics at . Hope to see you soon!!! Raw smooches.

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Hi naturist Squad and Viewers, Tabu and I have been being lazy on our Contri's. Getting to involved in life I guess. Again, Hi Sailor! Thanks for your nice comments. To those that don't like Tat's or boots or anything else that we post; shut the F**K up! Tabu isn't Trailer Trash! She is my wife! I love her very much! It bothers me more than her. If you don't like it, just budge on to the next contri just like I do! To the rest of you good people out there, if you leave an e-mail address we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We love this site and you a**holes that don't have a life ordicks can smooch our a**'s! Somewhere in Florida

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