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Natasha & Boris, Heide & Norseman, Leigh and Cliff and all the other EIP couples - I don’t know how you all do it. My heart was racing and all systems were on utter alert hoping to not get caught. And I’m just the photographer! Molly on the other forearm was fine and didn’t’ seem too worried at all. She had to keep telling me, ‘calm down, nobody will mind.’ One night as a treat Molly clad up in this apparel and took me to a local mall. I just loved knowing this was all she had on under her cover. I collective this story with Natasha and she dreamed to know where the pictures were – opps, guess I was too excited the very first time and left behind my camera. We went back early one Saturday morning as the stores were getting ready to open with camera in tow this time.

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Dear all, as a response to my latest contribution posted on december 6th, Newimage Four, (check it, it's worth a visit and a vote!!), some of you asked for colours: here they are! I hope I will get your appreciation, your encouraging messages and ... your vote, as well. Thanks for all the excellent support you gave me until now: it's truly one of my greatest satisfactions. Amici italiani, grazie di tutto. I commenti all'ultimo contributo (newimage Four, apparso il Four dicembre scorso) sono stati estremamente positivi e mi hanno reso felice. In quella occasione, alcuni di voi hanno chiesto piu colore. Quindi eccomi qui, ancora una volta, sperando di incontrare il vostro gusto ed il vostro favore. Mi raccomando, da buon italiano: votate sia questo contributo che quello del Six dicembre! Grazie!! Please post in Private Shots. Thanks.

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