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Thursday night I made arrangements with hubby to meet me at the palace for lunch the next day at 1 pm, as far as he was worried it was just lunch….but of course I had other plans. I got to the building a little before we were supposed to meet to make sure the mansion was in order and to have time to rummage thru my panty drawer. I slipped out of my designer jeans put on my fuchsia undies that tie on the side (hubby's favorite) and liquidated my hooter-sling from underneath my silk razor back tank top. I grabbed our Nikon; made sure the battery was charged and deleted all the pics off the memory stick. I placed the camera on our dresser and went to go check myself out in the mirror. Just as I finished touching up my makeup and brushing my hair I heard hubby call for me as he walked up the stairs. I greeted him at the top of the stairs with a smooch and mischievous smile. As he returned the smooch he pawed his palm over my silk tank top caressing my breast continuous his thumbs around my nip. He noticed right away I was wearing "his beloved panties" and didn't think much about the rest of my outfit…. I don't normally wear a lot of clothes around the palace.

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When will this gloomy weather stop? Everytime I think it's about to get warm, it starts raining and my anticipation for summer is thwarted, once again! Shortly after I sent in the very first part of these pictures, things embarked getting overly dramatic and weird again with the boy I was eyeing last year. My flatmate suggests he has a unusual power over me, mostly because he accounts for a fair dose of my sexual practice (he is the one with me in all of those movies on my website), and because I am not aggressive enough. I did get more handy with him tho', and sensed more in manage, or else I certainly wouldn't have done all I did with him (nor would I have ever let him near my bottom with that thing!). Part of me fears that my lack of practice resulted in less than superb lovemaking for me, tho' I know I rather liked it. Now, with the rain coming down in droves, I've had slew of time to sit inwards and obsess about it! I appreciate much of the advice I've been given in feedback and emails, and hopefully if my confidence remains in tact I may take manage of the situation. I sometimes think my optimism is foolish, and I know it makes me a total dork, but to channel my dearest musical, when I'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely, I just stick out my chin, and smirk, and say... come on, surely I'm not the only one who appreciates the charm of Annie? LOL

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