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So here she is back again - thirsty for more comments from her admirers, no doubt - she says thanks for all the superb comments last time. Oh, and getting amazingly turned-on from having you all stare/fantasize/other about her nude bod. Her bod is truly opening up out now - her cootchie is big, fleshy and so moist (and fairly slack - good job truly based on what is gonna come out of there). And as for her fuck-a-thon drive...well...after Cam's comment about letting you lot see her knuckle herself she was all set to post a set of pictures we took about 9months ago - but we reckon they might get rejected for being too "hard". Ah well, just love these - I did after taking them! Ali's comments...

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Cynthia K - Spring Fever I have very few natural abilities, but it seems that I'm fairly talented at catching every cold and flu bug within a three kilometer radius. If only I attracted boys like I did germs, I'd have more self-confidence than I'd know what to do with! LOL. I've spent the nicer part of the past week held to my bedroom, living off of ginger ale and crackers, sensing like a TOTAL dork sick on Spring Break. My only company has been a box of tissues, trashy romance novels, and pen pals I've made in the comments here and in emails thru my site. Gratefully, I was at least able to add some pleasant hot and bothered times amongst my fever-induced suffering. This afternoon I was eventually able to motivate myself back to the world of the living with a hot bathroom and cup of tea. But after taking these pics, I am in dire need of a good lengthy nap! :)

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