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Hello! All of you at voy-zone. Chaco heard Kate telling you were missing NIP and here she is, to rescue your supreme site. And she does it with her warmest smile. These photos were taken in a public park. There were people walking around. You can see it only on one pic. There were also two guys lounging very near. Unluckily, you can't see them. Because of the direction of the sun, for the photos it was finer if I was on the other direction. But they seemed very blessed about what they could see lol. Is it necessary to tell we were both very excited durign and after this session... Good comments are welcome. Please, title it "Chaco in the wind." And for sure, PDPMEM. lol

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I dreamed to thank everyone for the positive response to my preceding contribution. Lately I've been attempting my hardest to divert myself from all these thoughts I'm having. Sometimes it senses like the less sexual my life is, the more I'm reminded of all that I'm missing! I hate that. LOL. I thought I'd get along by concentrating on University and my studies for a bit, and I was doing alright. So who do I blame? Brandon, the boy I was watching who is in all of those hump flicks with me on my site. Even before he called me a few weeks back, I couldn't overlook the influence he had on me sexually. It's like he obliterated any boundaries I thought I had, awakening this insatiably perverted part of my brain! I'm embarrassed to admit that part of me exists, but I should be ashamed at how much I liked providing in to it with him! That being said, I was excited when he called because we hadn’t spoken in ages. He was very forward on the phone and it excited me to the point where I almost couldn't hide it. I even embarked reddening at how worked up I was getting. But I commenced to perceive embarrassed when he brought up those movies and made mention that his fave was the one where I let him have anal hump with me. If that weren't enough, he added that he was watching it off of my site as we spoke. Instinctively I sensed awkward that he was talking to me while watching himself just use my bottom and pound into me. But it wasn't lengthy before this subtle abasement began to turn me on. Unnecessary to say, I was caught off guard by how much I liked this mix of emotions--I perceived embarrassed, dirty, sinful, and free. It was like I caught a peek of deviance that was both enticing and intimidating, and now I perceive like SUCH a dork for not reacting to him with more encouragement. In fact, I still haven't heard back from him and I'm not sure what to do. My flatmate suggests that I email him a link to this contribution, along with the very first installment of photos I sent in earlier. As she puts it, my day-to-day behavior doesn’t suggest that I’m “a dirty damsel looking to get my fuck on,” so it might not hurt to tip him off. I know I'm a TOTAL dork with my issues and all, but I'm just not sure if that's something I'm ready to admit! Maybe that’s what I’ll be this year for Halloween! LOL.

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