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Hi Everyone, We had been wanting to take pics in a parking garage at sunset. We were hoping for something spectacular but it fizzled out early so we made the best of it. I don't usually wear panty hose pipe or any hose pipe for that matter but Boris had just ordered some for me that were totally sheer so I had to attempt them out. I was having a blast posing but the camera man was getting jumpy about being caught by a movie camera. Seems every time I embark to go wild he's there to rein me in. Guess that's a good thing. ;-) Thanks to everyone that left a message on my last contri, I indeed love them all. They're the reason I keep sending pics. :-) Hope you have time to stop by and say hi. Luv, Natasha n' Boris xoxo

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I frequent a local waxing salon. I've gone there for over Two years. Ling, the paraffin wax aesthetiician is an adorable twenty something with the most mild forearms. I paraffin wax my nut sack, crack and shaft only so that Ling can treat them for a 45 minute period...without jerking me off. Think about it ... a non sexual encounter with a pretty thing that fondles your privates fr almost an hour. We talk about just anything. I always sport wood. She told me its not a problem and its usual. I fantasize about her treating me and one day i determined to test the waters.. and ejaculate. Sure enough, I kept my powder dry for a few days to build up a nice stream. The day i went in she was particularly chatty about this and that, all while my hard-on hardened to total mast. Of course, my gams are spread broad like a frog on his back and she talks while being an inch from my exposed man sausage. Always, toward the end of the waxing, she concentrates on the hair inbetween the shaft and the pelvis. The hair is particulary thicker there and to get to it, she has to thrust my erection against the natural angle... she has to hold it for about 1 to Two minutes. the immense pleasure is beyond description. That day as she held it in position I spunk unloaded all over my dick and her palm. I apologized profuselly as it was "embarassing" . To my surprise, she ordinary dabbed the jizz with a towel and said its ok, it sometimmes happens! does? Now i always want to jism but I dont want to overdo it.. so i wait. these pics are from a latest session.. no jizzing here but you get the "gist of it"

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