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Hi , I am 29..I loved the comments I got the last duo of times I posted here...However the only complaint seem to be no labia shots so I am sending a few to you that are dedicated to 'Daniel' ....He sent me this flag as a bounty to do some private photo's for him in which we are ready to share..I love doing private/personalize photo's for the ones that love my photo's..I told him if he desired it back he has to come get it..hehe.....Who knows perhaps in the near future I will share my ''explicit'' photo's/mpegs at crimson clouds if the feed back is good..*smile*..With all the bb's I seem to miss some of the messages so If you like my photo's please let me know by scrolling down the page to the message board and leave a message with your ''correct'' email address....I react to everyone as briefly as I can..If you are someone that left a message in the past and didnt get a reply your email wasnt correct...;o( .If he comments are succulent I will link a pic to flash you why they call me '''JUICY'''.....*devious smile*....Tight XXX hugs and Tasty smooches PS this is part one.....part two will be alittle bit better.....;o)

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Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I've been lovin’ some time off, doing some soul searching, i guess you can say. Sorry to get all spiritual on you guys, but this time I've been spending alone has indeed helped me be glad with myself. Growing up, I guess you can call it. I am no longer basing my happiness on someone else. If I can find a way to be glad with myself, then I don't need anyone. =) I think that is the true secret to happiness. Anyhow, this contri is for Jeffrey. Desired to see a good series of booty shots. I don't know why, but i hope you like em. Keep your E-mails coming! I love reading them.

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