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Gents, a unusual situation, compelled upon me. Many of you are well aware this site suffers from the mindless gushings of the mentally summoned who spout feeble venom in the comments sections.======================= All part of the joy, no?===================== What you uncommonly hope as a contributor is the trusted voy-zone commentors to step into the footwear of the demented and attempt lame sabotage of your contributions =============== But, seems like I got me a purty boy commentor callin' himself FAG' (read 'FAQ', but surely a typo?) who thought he'd do the honourable thing and throw in some savaging comments AFTER I'd uploaded the contri with no chance to come back at him. What a courageous little bandit.====================== So, despite FAG-boy's (oh yes, FAQ I do know it's the cheapest, most visible shot, but marinate in it you prick because it just makes it funnier) cack-handed bleatings last time out (sept 25th) I've uploaded some extra swimwear in & out shots to give your eyes the pleasure his obviously don't need.======================= To get back to the point before FAG stamps his feet and requests commentary rights on this contri too, here's the NICEST form of swimwear you ever see on beaches - the ones that come off.

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We got such greatresponse to the posting Lulu made to voy-zone for my bday that she's hooked. We followed everyone's advice and borroweda finer camera. Here is the very first of four installments that she will be making over the next duo of weeks-- two on voy-zone andtwo on voy-zone. You wouldn't believe how much sheenjoys your comments so keep them coming. This series is a introduce for the January babies. Lulu waswondering what you boys and chicks would like for your birthday? Nip devotees, Lulu has a special contri planned just for you. Apologies to the breast milk fetishist. She's saving the milk forour baby.

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