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Hi Kate, June, Jerry, Asher, Sailor and Everyone, Here are the final photos from our cabin series. You wouldn't believe what we went thru on this day. During the shoot we got interrupted many times by other visitors, and I was eaten alive by bugs!!! Inwards there was an abundance of wasps nests, spiders, and god only knows what else. I'm about as blessed with the creepy crawlies as I am with watching spectators. Hahahaha :) Not only that, we had broke in the privacy of a pair of very territorial Guzzles (birds). During the taking of the photos they continuously dive bombed in and out of the cabin windows screeching, and leaving no doubts as to their hostility toward us. It was only when Hubby lifted me up to the socket and Three adorable little chicks popped up, did we sympathise with the worried parents. Albeit I didn't think so at the time, looking back, both Hubby and I agree everything we went thru was worth while. Again, if you are interested, Hubby has created a site where you can find a collection of our photos and more. Perceive free to come and visit us via

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Well... you can't say you haven't been warned! LOL I was going to title this set "Unchained" but I determined that I this title would savetime for thefew viewers who perceive you need to warneveryone!! Most of the pics in this "blindfolded & forearms tied" contest theme have been "action shots". Mine are a bit different... instead of displaying you what is inwards my cootchie, I am flashing you what is inwards my mind. I find this wayless blatant, but far more erotic. Sure, you still get to seesome vulva shots, but you'll have to imagine the injections. Anyone can shove stuff up their vagina. exposing what is insideyour mind is far sexier. I hope some of you appreciate this treatment. and those of you who don't can budge on. That's one of the fine things about voy-zone... there truly IS something here for everyone. :)

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