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What Luck - This is Savannah! I scanned and brightened these pics for the naturist crowd so that we may bring a nicer representation of Austin to the Nude in Public Section... It starts out where these Two girlies are displaying their stuff to a mostly masculine crowd on Fat Tuesday '99 in front of Maggie Mae's on Sixth Street (You can see The Ritz in the background...) For some reason these blondes truly desired to put on a demonstrate so they hopped on top of a car for the utter practice. Ole' Johnny Law was close at arm and managed to snag the damsel on the right - Never noticed how bright those cop uniforms shine while being flashed. I take it they didn't want the city's name all over some nudey pics?! Anyways - across the series we see the hotty attempting despairingly to get her overalls back on and avoid being arrested... The trials and tribulations of a modern day exhibitionist... Indeed nice sideshot of her breast, huh? My friend Rifter did a good job photographing - he gets all the credit! Six pics total - Please title "Austin Mardi Pardi" and be a dear and don't publish my email! From:

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Hi ! guys . I was looking at some of my pics from this last year of me with some of the guys I've had joy with and thought I'd post some of them up for you guys to love . some of the pics you've seen here before and some you haven't . some of them have even made it in the hall of stardom. so here's me with 14 of the guys I've met over the past year. some of you guys have ask how many dicks I've sucked and fucked this year. the response is !...... 92 . I got pics and flicks of most of my bitchy adventures for you guys but there were some guys that I met when I was out shopping or running around town and did'nt have a camera. we just went to a cheap motel or a park or sometimes I just sucked their sausages right behind the store in the car. anyway the utter sets of these pics and thousands more are in my site.I'f you want to get in touch with me just click on the link to the right go to my site and get on my free message board. I love hearing from you guys.

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