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Jade Is Back - Hi there! I ultimately get to write a contri with me in it again! All my old devotees, are you still out there?? I hope to make lots of fresh ones too along the way with bunches of more even daring shoots! OK, here's the news. I've put all my old flick back up on the site, along with two fresh sets. There's now almost Four hours of me and the damsels up there. I've also put up two fresh pic sets of me, more of Michele and Heather, and added a fresh damsel Mandy, you'll meet her shortly. My archived pic sets should be back up briefly too. There's explosions of free preview movies, hope you check em out! Here's a fresh set of an clothing I just got and love, hope you do too!! Jade.

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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the naturist Yearbook, where you can see many of your faves from the naturist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse thru it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! Ms. Dee is the naturist School Hump Education Teacher. Her class is one of the most popular at the school and has the best attendance record. Her methodology of training is unique. Often times the lessons involve one or more volunteers coming to the front of the class to demonstrate various aspects of the lesson for the rest of the class. Whether it is the bad damsels lead by Celeste and Giselle or the brainiac group of Class Valerdictorian ~Lara~, Math Tutor WyoRae and Chemistry whiz Dragon Princess, they all mix well together in Ms. Dee’s class. Sometimes she has guest speakers come in for demonstrations, Mr. Thundercloud is a regular guest in the class as one of the few masculine faculty at the school and very much in request. Ms. Dee is a regular at all the naturist functions from track meets where she stands hip to hip with Coach Heide cheering with Nikki~ and Nina, urging track starlet Meg quicker and faster…, or at the theatre spectacles where she waits in the dark wings of the stage with Theatre Arts Teacher CutiePie and Orchestra Teacher OHwife as starlet Michelle performs solo on stage to the gentle sounds produced by Band Member Sam and her mushy finger-tickling and deep throating of her instrument of choice. Ms. Dee puts time in with Ms. Merci the Librarian, helping her with tongue lashings of the students with overdue books. And even finds time to bathroom after a lengthy day at school with Coaches Heide, Cherokee, and Francesca. Ms.Dee loves to work hard on her students and fellow teachers. She has been known to stay up all night and go over and over and over the same area of education so the student can master his or her technology. This practice often lasts many hours and can be most pleasurable if the student or teacher keeps his or her mind on their work. Her oral abilities are admired by all of the faculty and students, in fact the naturist principal Ms.Heels singled her out for a special award only given out Trio or Four times a night called the multi-linguist award. This award is given to the teacher who is exceptionally gifted orally. Ms. Dee's individual motto "I can do this for hours and hours and hours" is a testament to her desire to give the students and faculty at this campus her best effort no matter how hard or soft she has to be on them in order to achieve the objective. constant, unlimited, mutual satisfaction....C.U.M.S. for short! Love your fresh yearbook, and please don't leave behind to sign our memory pages!

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