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Hi crew! We went to blessed hour Friday night and they had a underwear display going where you buy tickets and can win the model's costume. I won the crimson one, a friend won the milky one and gave it to me, then another one of the guys bought me the blue one so I could put a flash on for my hubby. Of course there was a catch (isn't there always), I had to let hubby take pictures of me and give him copies. So, I figure if he gets to see, so should all the naturist admirers. Let me know in the BB section which one you like best and I will model (with a little more skin) the one with the most votes! Please title this "Red, Milky and Blue". Thanks,

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Gina Waits For Gfs - Hi Guys, I was waiting for Erin and Valerie to come over, and the were taking for ever, so I was wooed to take my top off in the meantime. I kinda desired to go out, but I like how these pics revved out to look pretty spontaneous. They did display up when I had my top off, but that's another set! And always, thank you, thank you, thank you-- you are all so sweet and say such sweet things. I attempt to write back to members from our site-- which I can't get to everyone, but I undoubtedly do read everything. (and boys... some of those things you say... whew! makes me want to take my clothes off!)

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