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It's odd how we develop our fetishes as we grow up. For me, blue jeans make me perceive sexy. I mean, I've always been a blue jeans kind of gal when the situation permitted. My mom would tell me that gent are attracted to ladies and not tomboys, which gave wearing them a barred quality to me. When I get clothed and would see myself wearing jeans sans a tee-shirt, I would sense sexy for some reason. I guess I liked the idea of not being decent on occasion. Since I usually obsess (you should see how scrutinizing of myself I am in the photos I post here and on my website), it is nice to do something laid back for a switch.

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Thanks to everyone for supporting our website! These next Five sets were taken during our last weekend in Miami (South Beach), FL. Beforejumping on a plane to stir all the way out here to the West Coast, we determined to have a little bit of joy. We commenced the weekend off by visiting one of our dearest sway clubsfor a farewell soiree. We then hit the plage to work on our tans one last time. I figured I very likely wouldn't have the chance to suntan bare-chested anywhere out here so I went for it. Warm sunshine on my breasts is a wonderful feeling! After frolicking in the sun, we headed back to our motel room to get cleaned up, pose for a few picsand then hit the undress for some drinks and NIP shots. We found lots of good places for me to "expose" myself which no one seemed to mind. We then went back to our motel where we managed to find the play room. It's amazing how erotic the pool table can be. As you can see,I spent lots of time flashing and attempting not to get caught. Which always makes it more joy. Ultimately, we made it back to our room sans getting arrested. Here's when the real flash began. I made my bf sit back and witness while I toyed, probed and groped myself. When he couldn't take it anymore, we put the camera away and got to work! Hope you love all Five sets. Don't leave behind to visit our site:

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