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After reading some of the comments, I determined to put in another obedience. This was the following evening after the game. I was still down in the dumps and she desired to make me smile again. As for the comments the last time from Trio distinct groups: Philly Devotees - You had a good run, you will be back next year no doubt. NE Devotees - Most of you are fair weather admirers. You'll fall off the bandwagon once it goes back to Tony Eason and Andre Tipett days. We will always be here. Cleveland Devotees - Suprised you can even spell very first off. The only comeback you have suck...good one! We have Four SB have 1...oh wait, that was Baltimore after they left HA!!!! Love.

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The entire time I have lived in my plane, I don't spend too much time in the kitchen. Both my roomy and I are consumed with our studies most of the time, and when I am not burying my face in a book, I am figuring out other places to bury my face, thumbs, or other objects I can bury inwards me (wow, awkwardly worded and embarassing!). The rest of the time, I am answering emails from my site or browsing the comments. Anyways, I lost a rock, paper, scissors game with her the other night, and had to cook dinner and clean the kitchen. Excellent pal she is, she suggested to take photos for me. Unnecessary to say, not much progress was made on cooking or cleaning once I got into it. LOL.

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