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Are you the kind of person that simply can not fight back collecting stuff? Having been married to a fellow like this for more than twenty years I guess I have gotten used to Thorn arriving home with some worthless thing or other that he vows will come in handy one day!! I bet that lots of ladies have heard the same words spoken! *LOL* Mind you, just sometimes he does find something interesting, as is the case with these two rolls of thick crimson paper that showed up one day. “What on earth are you going to use this for” I asked, and this time he actually had a specific use in mind! (The paper became the backdrop in the following photos – I wonder what he will bring home that ‘will come in handy’ next time *LOL*)

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Katja Here are some more pictures of my little starlet herself Katja! She is such a cutie and so adorable i love taking pictures of her. In one shot she will be all sexy and the next she will be so FREAKING cute! I have to say Katja and me have had a crazy spring break! Katja and i picked some old friends up from the airport, who flew in to visit and began getting our drink on super early (well, me at 9:30, everyone else at 11--slackers). margaritas and vodka by the pool....luvly dahling! Then me, Katja, Ryan, and Mark (our two friends) went to see Katja's fresh apt which is super badass! We got soo tipsy there and suntanned on the porch. Its ideal for nude tanning which is exactly what Katja and i did! Oh, Im just kidding, only our tops were off! We came back to my palace sumtime in the evening and we all passed out for a duo hours. Then after my forcing everyone to wake the fuck up, we went to my nymph Kelly's soiree which was way joy, and then we went downtown and ran around, had sum drinks....and then one of my dumbass friends got busted for inebriated in public so we all came home bummed out for him. All in all however we had a damn good time! Can't say our lives our boring can you? Gotta love spring break!

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