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The last sunny days in October, we went in Forte Antenne, a public park near Rome's Mosque to get some pictures, A wonderful day utter of sun and some people loving to walk in the park. NO TRADE PLEASE!! Approfittando dell'ottobrata romana, una ricca passeggiata a Forte Antenne a due passi dalla Moschea e sopra la tangenziale di Roma per fare qualche foto di quelle che piacciono a noi. Ricerchiamo sempre coppie serie per fare conoscenza e condividere il piacere della fotografia glamour , ma anche locali di qualsiasi genere (con i rispettivi proprietari) per scatti insoliti. Un saluto all'uomo del fiume!! NON SIAMO INTERESSATI AL FOTOSCAMBIO!!

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Dela Voss is well known to the faculty and students as a lady with a voracious appetite, and we don’t mean the food multiplicity. Fortunately, Home-Ec teachers Ms. Denice and Ms. Lauren were able to provide a ‘menu’ to sate some of her cravings. Her visible athletic abilities permitted her to excel in indoor sports with track starlet Meg, while observed by Coaches Heide, Francesca and Cherokee. She also received (and gave) high marks in Ms. Dee’s Bang-out Ed class, albeit mASScot Long-legged Lee couldn’t sit down for a week and had to drop out of Ms. CutiePi’s school play. She is very indiscriminate in her course selection, avoiding the stronger subjects like math and chemistry (although she did accept private(s) tutoring from WyoRae, Dragon Princess and good-girls Valedictorian ~Lara~ and Student President Kcat), and when asked would simply reply, “I like variety.” No one is safe from her ferociousness. Most of her fellow students, with the exception of posse members Rose and Giselle, attempt to hide if they see her walking (stalking) the halls. She is a raunchy female who likes to demonstrate others, like Clown Banjo, that that she is not to be messed with. She often clashed with the likes of cheerleaders Nikki and Nina and Teacher’s Pet Lindsey, but Dela always wound up on top in these altercations, drawing a lot of shrieks and yelps from her unwilling, yet sated, classmates. German-born Dela is determined to demonstrate, as she often states that, “Bad ist better.” It is rumored that she is the one who enticed Celeste to run on stage naked with a rock band (by promising her favors). She also coaxed art student Lacy to paint her nude assets and attend class, assuring her that no one would know the difference. When Ms. BZ protested, Dela muffled her with a crack of her railing crop, which was often luved by Cowgirl TxTina. These were intended to be pranks, but they sometimes revved against her and she often ended up in Principal High Heel’s office and was given detention. Usually, there was some virginal 3rd person involved, like skimpy Michelle, Super Gal or Queen Nicki. The sounds that came from the office could be heard all the way up in the library, where librarian Ms. Merci would rush to the office with Science Teacher Mr. Thundercloud to see if they could help. Hours afterward, they would all emerge, with Dela victorious; her abilities serenaded by musicians Samantha and OHWife. Dela’s ambition is to run a disciplinary dungeon space, and we are certain she will have many willing and unwilling participants lined up in her nude endeavors.

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