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This time I dreamed to have a surprise about my playmates of hook-up. So my hubby organized the night with some friends and told me just to get ready with very sexy undergarments. In the car, while he was driving, gave me this particular glasses (in the internal side he put dark trim) so I eyed nothing! He stopped the car and Two guys come inwards the car... I didn't know whom were them, and they didn't speak, so I cannot recognize their voice… after 20 minutes, I was carried to their room and always dressing dark glasses, we begin to make romp. only after 1 hour of romp I determined to see who were them. Fantastic surprise!!!! I love these friends and it's not the very first time I make fuck-a-thon with them... It's been a indeed fantastic practice and I suggest to you, my voy-zone friends and... I showcase this pictures for you!

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Hi Kate: Well, it took a lot of courage the very first time out. Most comments were encouraging and supportive. However, for the few comments, such as, we don't want to see that old thing...need to understand that they too, will be in the over-the-hill group one day. Not all life stops just because you achieve a certain age milestone. Sometimes, it is the beginning. For those that have enough courage to say that life starts at "Fifty Something", here is a posting for you. Kate; thanks for the excellent practice for both my playmate of 25 years and for me. What a thrill. I invite all of the older, less than "hard bodies" to give this a attempt. Life is just more than one day at a time; it is an practice. Share it and love it! Just attempt to live outside of the box once in awhile!

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