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Hey Guys. I'm resending these pics that I sent on 10/14/98 and also I'm not sure my attempt earlier today went thru. No problem I'll send them again. I'm embarking to type swifter. Here is my story a superb subject 1st two are J.L. just sitting on her bridge. The next four is of her swinging. As if you couldn't see that. No. 7 she was stung by an ant. No. 8 is someone called her (she will not tell me who) but they call at the same time every night. No. Nine the caller must be the same person this is what happens each time. The last is THE END. NICE END TOO. My name is Joe and the callers woman is my wifey J.L. Thanks to all of you. P.S. Hey did you know that your site is nicer than VIAGRA!!!!! It works for me and my wifey or maybe the caller works for J.L. CONTRIBUTE TO THE voy-zone NOW.

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Very first and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you who proceed to support me and leave me supreme comments! I can't tell you how much your words make me smile. Here's a series of shots we took outside at the clubhouse up the street. An online friend of mine sent me the garb and I dreamed to take pictures in it for him. Since it went along with the theme this month, we combined both efforts into one shoot. These aren't as creative as the last set but I'm not sure how to duplicate that creativity w/o simply copying it. I hope these aren't disappointing in comparison. Thank you again and may happiness embrace you all!

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