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Florida Baseball Mom And Mom - Part Two - Here are more pictures of my wifey, continued from the last contribution. We received many excellent comments. To clarify the last contribution, she knows I took these pictures but she did not know that I posted them to naturist. However, I told her that I did and so now she knows. She loved all the superb comments, but only by what I told her. I think she is still too embarrassed that she was on the internet. She is also jumpy that someone she knows will recognize her. Also, as further insight into her personality, she is the type of person who would never admit that she thinks she looks good, and has always fought with self esteem. But due to a lot of attention that she's been given lately, her confidence is embarking to increase. Here are a few more to love, replying to a few of the comments for more front shots. There is another post waiting after this one, but it may have to go into voy-zone - so see there too! Sorry that we haven't replied yet to any of the comments personally. We might sometime so be patient.

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