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And sticking to tradition, here's a Yee Haw to some more of my newer admirers. From Orange County itself - Gene and Jeremy; From the rest of California - Strightbar, David, Big Daddy, Jack R and Grandpa Grizz; Denver - Terry, Matt and Vick; Fresh Jersey - Brian and Ed; Cleveland - Dan and Scott; Oklahoma - Kevin and Kurt; Kentucky - John S, Xavier and jukes; Massachusetts - both Jeffs (matchstick and Jonesy) and T Black (you only said Fresh England, so I'm lumping you in LOL); Connecticut - Adam and Craig; Arizona - the three D's, Dan, Dave and Dale; Georgia - joe bob and Teddy Bear; Ahan from Nevada and Justin from Maine.

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*Af Squirt - Where did summer go?!?! It seems like this year is just flying by. Unluckily, my hubby and I have had little time for ourselves these past few months. Work, vacations with the kin in tow, and me being gone for a few weeks recently on a family emergency took fairly a toll on our time together. After our child went to school last week, we thought we'd attempt to "catch up" with each other.... and our photography hobby. Hubby mentioned the AF contest and after some thought we came up with these. They are loosely based on a memorable set we viewed here a few years ago. We hope you love our take on the subject.

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