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Bristol Sue - Hi again. Thanks for all your comments in my last few cortis, I loved them all. Even the bad ones, Shame those that was courageous enough to leave a bad comment, was also to much of a coward to leave their e mail address. So to recap my Name is Sue and I live in Bristol in the UK. I am 45 married with two kids. I have been in voy-zone and v/w private shots and NIP. Thanks to those in the south west that suggested a few places to do the NIP around the Bristol area. Let me Know if any one can tell me where this is. May invite you along to take the pics next time. I hope you love this contri, and I will attempt to reply to anyone that leaves a comment. Bye Four now sue

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Hi guys and girls! I snuck a few truly nice pics of my 32 year old wifey while she was snoozin'... a duo of times out on the couch, then back in the bedroom. Maybe someday shortly she'll arm me the digi webcam, get nekkid, and let me just go nuts! She didn't seem to mind when I took the last pic just after she got out of the shower! I think she has the most gorgeous figure and most exquisite puss I have ever seen... which is telling alot, because there are some truly beautiful women who post pics on this site! What do you all think? Keep up the good work on the site guys! It's the best!

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