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heya gang! I like to have a 'theme' going in my shots, and normally only submit shots done in a series, but today I thought I'd go for something fresh -- so here is a group of shots that albeit I liked, I didn't have enough for a entire series. But winter is on its way here in NZ so I've combined a few shots of me in (and on my way out of) some of my fresh winter wardrobe, I've even included a face pic, sorry blurred however -- the last shot would be much nicer if I could zoom this freaking webcam, or if I had a photographer instead of doing it myself, and the purple g-string matches the boulder-holder but the lighting made it darker -- excuses, excuses I know, but please give me credit for trying!!! I have been working on a series for the moist bod theme, but with only a web webcam its abit difficult bringing the humid to the web cam rather than the other way about! I splashed water on my keyboard with this afternoons effort and it got all sticky! (not a fresh senstation for some of you I'm sure!). (blows kisses)

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