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I know it sounds like my predominant issue, but I never perceived like the other gals who blossomed early into womanhood. Part of it was nature, since it took rather leisurely in shaping my figure, and the other part was my somewhat sheltered upbringing that held me back from exploring most all that was of feminine interest during my formative years. Looking thru my wardrobe the other day, I theorized that I also own less pink clothing than any other nymph here at University, and most likely less than most women on the planet! With summer almost here, I was kicking off to sense a girly urge to sundress appropriately and was at a loss of suitable attire. I was lamenting my problem via email to that boy I was witnessing last year (the one I am still not over, the one I did all those awful things with in those movies on my site LOL). He actualy had a clever idea that resulted in these photos to work in a pink theme. One aspect is clothing with my pink bra; one is my skin, which is pink as can be; and the other pink, well, I'm a bit embarassed to call it out specifically, tho I am sure you can guess it from the shots! Who says a liberal arts education isn't worth something?

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Badkitty'S Fresh Clothes nudist- Hi everybody, The other day I went shopping and bought some fresh clothes. When I got home I just had to model them for D, he pulled out the camera so all of you would get to see it too. As you will see I only got thru one garb untill I got so hory that I had to find my fave fucktoy and have some joy. Oh well, I think you will love the results as much as I did. Please keep sending me your fine comments, I love hearing from all you guys and sexy ladies out there. I also have a free message board at my site that you can link to in the upper right mitt corner. Love and Smooches, BadKitty

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