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Outdoor Draft - Tiffany - I learned a few things this weekend while setting up my fresh site. The main thing I learned is: Taking pictures outdoors is risky. I was freezing, but attempted my hardest not to showcase it. My nips were getting hard and taking off my undies certainly gave me a nice summer breeze. =) This weekend, we went down to the water, and had to go afterwards in the evening to avoid a crowd. Oh yeah, for those that don't know, I determined to go off on my own, and embark my own site. I told the entire story in my voy-zone section earlier this week. Yes, I was on the Retail Hell site before, but Adam suggested that it might be nicer for exposure to just begin my own. I guess other nymphs from RH have done that too, so I'm not a very first. Well, If there's anyone out there that can help me with my modeling career, shoot me an E-mail. There is not much that I'm not willing to do. I'll be back next week with more pics to share!

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These shots were taken recently in Deiter undt Francesca's kitchen while Deiter cooked dinner. We were drinking tequila shots and being bimbo. She kept running into the bedroom to attempt on sexy stuff and dance for us. You should see the shots she would not let me post! That one would have been entitled Francesca gets Waxed"". But that's another story."

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