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Amy'S Big Thank You! - I don't know if any of you indeed read my section anymore. I've kind of revved voy-zone into my own individual blog. But others have too, so don't complain! If you're sick of hearing me rant and rave about blah blah blah, I'm sorry. Oh yeah, I got an E-mail the other day from a female who asked me why I let so many people into my individual life. Well, it's because I don't indeed care what people think of me for one, and gives me a way to vent. Everyone needs to vent their problems in some way or another, and why not do it to the people that listen to me most? I mean earnestly, now that I got your attention, you're gonna listen. And another thing, when you E-mail me with advice, I honestly take those words to heart. Some of you indeed do give good advice. Thanks to those who give me a shoulder to sob on.

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