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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the naturist Yearbook, where you can see many of your faves from the naturist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse thru it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! TxTina is the naturist school tomboy-cowgirl. She has been active in all types of outdoor sports and very involved with farm projects sponsored by the school. She is an accomplished at throwing a string and tying up her quarry in record time. She knows how to be forceful to cut thru a line of bull(s). She is an accomplished at railing sans a condom. As a matter of fact there is permanently a line of boys wanting to participate in the without a condom railing. More than one school cowboy has come limping back with spur marks after one of her sessions. TxTina is not rough and tumble all the time. She gives selflessly of herself to many of her fellow students. Her interest in art often finds her after hours in Ms.BZ’s room getting tutored in the fine art of finger figure painting with ace art student Lacy. (Tina – Maybe include one of your supreme Figure Painting pics as part of your contri and we can comment on it in the contri with the fresh subjugation process) Her interests in music and the arts often find her at lunch time eating with woodwind talented Sam and performing arts starlet Michelle. Plasticity while railing is essential and she has found fine plasticity training workouts with the Cheerleading duo of Nikki~ and Mistress Nina. The three way contortions they experiment with are amazing. TxTina has a strong academic background due primarily to her preparedness to stay after school for private sessions with many of the faculty and staff. She has taken the cue from well know teachers pet, Lindsey Austin about getting in good with the teachers and staff. Lindsey shares her special tutoring time she has scheduled with Ms.Dee, so TxTina is part of that examine threesome several times a week. OHWife has spent uncountable hours training TxTina the decent mouth and frigging positions to master wood wind instruments (Woodies she calls them). Theater Arts Teacher, CutiePie, has instructed TxTina the virtues of hasty costume switches, often practising taking clothes on and off in front of CutiePie for hours to hone her abilities. Ms.Merci has helped her research many topics and opened up entire fresh worlds for her in the library. Tho' TxTina has a penchant for returning books late, thereby receiving one of Ms.Merci’s well known hours lengthy tongue lashings. TxTina has even helped Truancy Queen Rose to find reasons to stay around after school on occasion, and in come back Rose has introduced TxTina to her friends Banjo, Jerry, and Asher. TxTina’s commitment to railing, learning about country life, her interest in the arts, her strong probe abilities and her cheerful preparedness to help other students in any way she can have earned her the title of “Girl most likely to take charge and rail hard” . Love your fresh yearbook, and please don't leave behind to sign our memory pages!

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This is part Three of a nice clip of KP doing what I believe she reallllllly loves to do. If her zeal to get me off is any indication.......I KNOW she loves it. There are Three total scenes to this gig and I will send them to you in order. On this day, KP was taking down some wallpaper and I rudely interupted because I perceived the need to bust a nut........as always, KP came thru with the requested attention! She had me shooting my stream in under Three minutes on this particular job.......she's impressively talented.......As hard as I attempted, I just could'nt hold it back....she's truly magic in so many ways, including this one!

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