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Wow, things have gotten even worse with the stalker fellow. I need to stop being so nice, and learn how to be a total bitch or something! I am a rock hard believer in "wanting something that you can't have." Since I went out on that date with Mr. Crazy, and since I haven't been calling him anymore, what does he do? Yes, he stalks me more! haha. He calls me at least Four times a day, and now we've moved from phone calls, to random text messages. The one I got about 23 minutes ago; "Ok, last message before I begin worrying about you." Oh boy! What reason would he have to worry about me? I'm just not responding! Can someone say; "take the hint!" I'm still waiting for the text message that says: "ok, I see how it is." That would make me perceive a lot finer. Sigh...what can I do?!!!! =/

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Very first and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you who proceed to support me and leave me fine comments! I can't tell you how much your words make me smile. Here's a series of shots we took outside at the clubhouse up the street. An online friend of mine sent me the apparel and I desired to take pictures in it for him. Since it went along with the theme this month, we combined both efforts into one shoot. These aren't as creative as the last set but I'm not sure how to duplicate that creativity w/o simply copying it. I hope these aren't disappointing in comparison. Thank you again and may happiness embrace you all!

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