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We went to Houston to a sporting event at reliant stadium and determined to spend the night at a nearby motel. While staying there we determined to have a little joy in the hallways. At one point we almost got caught but Leann hid behind the coke machine while they walked by. When I witnessed that it was a group of guys I told Leann to stir out and let them see her but she wasnt sensing that plucky. Oh well, maybe next time. If you like this contribution please leave a good feedback. If you dont like it, well shit we want to here from you too. We do this because we love it and we realize that not everyone will love it. We thank all of you that leave good feedback.

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Sam: My Fave Corset Never Fails Me! - So its been a bit since I sent anything in, but I thought maybe I would send something thru and see if you guys like some of the shots. We used a crappy camera but I think the photos came out pretty good all things considered. I have been doing truly well draping out with my friends and partying WAY to hard. Like its been insane. Have any of you guys out there toyed Halo 2? My friends and I are addicited to it. Gravely. My friend Nikki got an Xbox from her brutha and we have been inviting friends over and playing Halo Two all night while getting fully wasted! Its good times! I suck tho'. Some of the guys we know come over and punch all of us ladies culos, but I'm thinking if I come out wearing this attire, I could pretty much fuck those guys up. What do you think? I bet I could divert them in this! Hmmm...maybe I will do it. I'll have to talk to Nikki. As for you all, please love my fave garment. I have been sent email from guys telling me how much they love watching me in this, so this is for those of you who have been requesting it! You know who you are! =)

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