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Hi everyone! Some of us in the naturist chatrooms were talking about cornfields lately, and it gave me a supreme idea... why not get naked in one? I could get some good outdoor shots securely, sans too much risk! And when you do self-pics, outdoor shots are VERY difficult! Well... after taking the pics, I determined that maybe it wasn't SUCH a good idea... do you know what happens when corn leaves caress nude skin? MAJOR itches & a nice crimson rash! LOL But the rash went away pretty quickly, and there's somethingSOOOO sexy about being outdoors naked that it was worth it. So the next time you're out driving tractor, observe out... you never know what you'll find hiding amongthe corn stalks! :) Thanks to everyone for all of the superb comments on my contris... sorry I can't keep up with answering them all personally, and I hope you'll say hi if you visit chat!

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The latest threats to America haven't dampened our spirit, it's only made us cherish our freedom and realize how blessed we are to have so many heroic dudes and women who are willing to give their all so we might truly live. Hopefully, these pics will bring a smile to the face of someone in the Armed Coerces who needs a little reminder that our thoughts, prayers and hopes are with them as they fight to keep our superb nation free. These pics were taken during our Christmas trek thru Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana and Texas. Please keep in mind I didn't want to sit in jail during Christmas and that it was COLD!!! hehehe For those who want to find out more about our tour and the locations, visit my web site. It will be updated shortly with photos and information about some of the places we visited. http://amateurs.voy-zone.com/southernexposure x0x0x0,

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