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Everything about naturist is a fantasy..I have been so lucky to have toyed out some fine fantasies with some superb naturist friends. Believe me the gals and couples here on naturist are superb fantasy granters! I have also had the pleasure of meeting Kate, Jerry & Peter on Fantasy Island ( naturist Hedo III 2003 trip). There were a flawless gents and a hoot to be around... I still have some fantasies left though....Merci, Mistress Nina, Jgirl, JenB,Alex..ok I am losing my train of thought! There are many more, but these nymphs know I am hot for them.... The one person who might not know I am lusting for him (or her:) is SAILOR!!!!!!! Sailor always seems to be the commentator on my posts and I look forward to everything Sailor writes! So my I wait...for you...awaiting to fulfill my fantasy...and some of yours... ;) Being with you is my fantasy... All yours, Giselle

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Resting on the edge of the precipice I luved watching nude beautiful women down on the sand. My attention was instantaneously drawn to the woman in her forties and her daughter of about twenty-five years old. The chick was tall and very well built. Her giant tits were amazing! The ladies made it back on the playa from the sea and the nymph put bandana hat on her head and leaned in a so wonderful way that it seemed that her big tits hopped up high to the sky and nips pierced the clouds. The sweet memory of her is imprinted in my head and I always reminisce about that Stunner peculiarly when I am in a bad mood and it helps me to cheer up.

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