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I was stringing up out at my friend Damon's palace this summer, and I got a call from a chick I know who works in a wing place in Tampa. She wished to come over and have me take some pics of her, and brought her gf Cassie. I indeed liked Cassie's cat-like eyes, and wished to see her natural breasts, so I asked if I could shoot some pics of her too. These were taken on the back deck of my buddy's palace, overlooking a cavern that leads to Tampa Bay. It's kind of a nice area with lots of expensive homes. Cassie kept looking around to see if any of Damon's neighbor's were watching. I don't think they would have minded, do you?

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Japanese Julia'S Motel Venture - My gf Julia ultimately agreed to venture out totally naked outside our motel room for a few snap shots during our vacation in Macau (the Las Vegas of China). It was such a thrilling moment as being naked in public territory in China is absolutely unacceptable and we had to make sure that no one spotted us....sorry, Julia didn't want her face fully exposed in the photos as she is team leader of a multilevel marketing (MLM) operations and has many downlines and biz associates, and she doesn't know what others would think if anyone would happen to see and identify her in the photos....however, Julia is a western educated adventurous and daring type of gal, it doesn't excite her if she has to hide behind a censor, so she determined to let me darken one of her photos so that her face is not shown so can still see her pretty face if you look close enough...hehe! Hope you love our venture

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