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The very first six pictures are from last week while in Hawaii. We took an afternoon to take some pictures and play on the strand. (The last four pictures were taken by a fellow RC'er near the water in San Francisco.) These are the more explicit pictures I took. When we were done Katia got down on all fours and I mounted her from behind. I didn't take pics of that because I was scouting the plage for people. What we didn't hope was the inter island airplane that took off over us. I didn't think much of it until the next day when I took off at the airport. While flying over the sand I realized that the entire right side of the airplane had a very good view of the very spot we had hump. Certainly not a "no frills" flight! ha! We hope you like them!

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Darker Side Of Bella Jewel Part 1 If you go after the boards you can see I was looking for a fresh look and style for myself. I determined with the help of all the naturist admirers and my friends on the CBB to go with a bolder look. The results are here, but not for lengthy, I just came home from the salon, and determined being dark-haired for a week was not to my liking. I am back with the blonde and loving it!!! I still have some contrast with crimson and black-haired, but the blonde makes me sense ultra sexy. We all need to attempt something fresh now and then. Next time I will think of something finer to switch. Ok be nice on that one. Thanks for all your excellent comments and please perceive free to write me when you have a moment. A special thank you to my friend who sent me this underwear for my contri. I love it and had so much joy playing in it. Dark hair, dark lingerie! This is part one and part Two to go after and a nudistbeing sent in shortly. Happiness sent to you! XOXO, Bella Jewel (BJ). Send me your pics of what you love doing with my contris...Imagination is your only limitation. I love your sexy comments and pics. If you like cyber temptation you found the right contri...Lets chat!

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