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Kira had a confession for me last month. I had braced myself for something embarassing or very abnormal, but when we were talking online I reminisce her telling me that she was embarassed by some of her hobbies (in addition to most of the things she likes sexually). I wasn't sure what to hope but was actually kind of amazed when she told me that she collected comic books. She actually loaned me a few from her collection, and after going thru her copious selection of Dark Knight books, I lightly figured out lightly who her dearest character is. She was coming over to go thru some pics and check out the feedback here and on our site, and I had asked her if she could run over her copies of the "Hush" story anudistI had seen referenced so much. When she showcased up wearing this t-shirt we both agreed it'd be joy to take some pics of her in it, albeit due to the trademark I had the obscure the logo. Who knows? Maybe I can persuade her to pick up a leather catsuit sometime the near future.

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Ever Since DesertStorm, when my friends returned home and leaped into the ocean,it has become sort of atradition that anyone returning home from service, we would get the "gang" together and everyone would go in the water,returning soldier to be the 1st. While my friend Tom was in Iraq, he stated he couldn't wait to get home and get in the ocean & didn't care what time of year it was. Scanty Tom came home in dec. I got the group together & we went to smithpoint, but nobody dreamed to go in. I sensed it was my "duty" to get things embarked. Before lengthy there were a bunch of naked &half naked 40somethings in the water acting like teenagers, including the woman who was supposed to be taking pics of us all in the water. Afterwards, we had a petite campfire,spoke of old times and begged for those lost & for the safe come back of all our soldiers. I hope you love the pics as much as I liked playin around. be sure to check back, I like to communicate with my viewers to response questions, explain anything left out of story, ect. Stay Blessed and Healthy

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