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Here are some pics of me from the day I determined to go shopping with Adam. I truly do need to save money, but I can't help to buy fresh clothes when the sales are going on. I know it's winter, but a woman can always use some sexy underwear right? Don't worry, Adam is bringing his trusty camera with him again, and I will let him take some pics more pics of me attempting stuff on. I thought you would all get a punch out of the fresh pics, those of you that requested them...wink, wink...Well, keep those requests coming...I can't say that I will make everyone blessed. I do have thresholds. Some of you are just plain sicko's.

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We took these at our fave naturist resort in Palm Spring California. We like to get out there as much as possible. Supreme facility, lovely hosts and a makes for a terrific weekend. We shots these at night, after coming back from dinner and playing cards with some of the other guests. My last contri was at an Adult Theme Motel and many wrote for the location. I hope I got back to everyone. I just have to apologize about now showcasing anything more explicit. If I do, they just throw it out anyway so I give up. I don't understand why they do that to me when I see many contri's that are much more blantant but I am not even going to attempt so please don't bash me for it. This is about my 8th contri and they throw out something everytime. Sorry. If you don't believe I have a vagina--leave me a addy and I will send you a picture to prove it. LOL

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