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Hi everybody, Many of you dreamed to see more snow pics, some of you asked me even for a snowfuck hihihi. Well lets begin with the pics. As you can see its still mighty snowing in here in slovakia, but also by temperatures of minus 15 its still possible to get HOT. Its so good to shock people, I love that sensing. Everybody is wearing big frosts and are packed up for the worst, and I determined to go out packed for joy. I guess my neighbours just began to call psychiatric help for me. Some of them had a good look from behind their windows, others just looked astonished when they eyed me on the street. But I must be fair it takes me some effort to give a supreme smile with those temperatures. My nips were freezing and my donk was so cold that I needed to warm in up afterwards hihihi. However The Demon went out just for you guys to have some joy and share some pics you dont see everyday. Hope you like them as much as I do,and wish you all a very HOT Devilish week. And sense free to share your best things at BB. Most of you know where to find me there. Thanks everybody for your never-ending support and to all the fresh people here I just wanna say....JUST Ensue YOUR LITTLE Satan Inwards SOMETIMES!!

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That "pro lighting"? Was two home made light stands, each with a pair of 500W halogen spot lights (like you might light your yards), clipped to a length of PVC tubing, bracketed to a round plywood base. Nothing "pro"; just CHEAP! Was experimenting reflecting the light off walls, off the ceiling, behind her, etc... Used the Ektachrome because halogen is close enough to the same light temperature as tungsten to avoid the color shift... Crimson sheets and comforter give a certain contrast to the skin tones... And that "bordello" was my own bedroom. Guess if I am being accused of stealing Playboy or Penthouse photos? I was doing "something" correctly... $50 lighting, or not.

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