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I met this youthfull lady online thru a love of erotic fiction... I write her stories to get her hot, she takes photos to match the story. So she is affectively my ragdoll, photographing what ever I write about. I have introduced her to this lovely site and for the very first time, after years of viewing, I can contribute. She is a little bashful, but excited to see herself and read comments. These are the very first photos she took for me, so we thought we'd commence the naturist journey here. I have hundreds more that are of nicer quailty and for nudisteyes only, so if you want to see them, just let her know.. We are to meet very briefly - I can't wait to take the photos myself!

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Hi Kate and all redclouders! we are truly dazed by the results we got from our latest contris, we attempted to reaction all mails personally as promised, but it has become too much work, keeps us away from taking fresh pics LOL! Thank you all for your nice comments, we will do our best for you all the time! For the analphabets not able to read our warnings but leaving bad comments: we are thinking about a warning pic for you, perhaps a peepot with an acid sign or something else.. ATTENTION PLEASE-- Urinate FETISH PICS ATTACHED! peely yours! See more at:

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