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Hi Kate, squad and the supreme viewers of voy-zone. My wifey, good friends and myself are so glad to be contributing our fantasy come true with all of you. We are also glad to see that there is a Nymph On Female contest going on at the same time. My wifey and I met our now BEST FRIENDS over the Internet about Six months ago. We have been corresponding back and fourth via e-mail and telephone. Once we found out that we all had the same fantasies of two women being together, we began trading pictures and getting very excited. We ultimately perceived convenient and sure about each other and determined to meet. We set up the room and made our plans. As the day approached, we were all very jumpy and even more excited. Last weekend was the day! We had everything in common and hit it off like old friends. The ladies got along very VERYwell. After a day of getting to know each other it was off to the motel. To be able to sit back and witness the beautiful way that they loved each other, was an orgasm in itself. We ( the guys ) observed for about Trio hours before we could not take it any longer, ( those pictures may ensue ). The next day before we left, our fresh BEST FRIENDS came back over for a fine good bye ( as you can tell from the different hair do's ). My advice to anyone that has desired to attempt this type of thing but has never gone and done it....GO FOR IT!! Both of the ladies said that they never knew it would be so good. If the voting is good, we will send in many more. We hope you love as much as we did.

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Well this was my very first attempt at a real NIP shoot. We went to a local walking trail with lots of cherry nature. I thought it would be a fine place for some privacy and some cool backgrounds. It revved out to be National Elderly Walking(in the woods) Day. As you can see in a duo shots, I was startled as hell. I'm not sure that raw NIP is my thing but it was very titillating. Who knows, I might just be acquiring the taste. If you like these and determine to visit the site leave me a message or drop a mail and help me out with some fresh ideas. Luv

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